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Task: You will be presented with short stories describing certain everyday situations followed by some questions. Read each story and select the most plausible answer to each question. Please answer each question as quickly as possible.

Lucy told her teacher: "The book that you gave me has more holes in it than Swiss cheese." What did Lucy mean?
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Mark asked his mom what she thought about his new girlfriend. She replied: "This young lady is 100% polyester." What does she mean?
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Robert and his wife are discussing their neighbor. Robert said: "Our neighbor is a sheep." What did Robert mean?
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Tom said to his wife: "Our kitchen is the most welcoming room in our house." What did Tom mean?
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Mark said to his colleague: "The new sales manager is a magician. I saw him performing his tricks during the lunch break." What did Mark mean?
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Mary was asked about the town that she has just moved to. Mary responded: "This town is a chimney." What does Mary mean?
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Lindsey was telling her friends about a wonderful vacation in Costa Rica that she had had. Lindsey said: "The place that we stayed at was a 5-star resort." What did Lindsey mean?
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Kate said to her husband: "Our kids are little rascals." What did Kate mean?
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Jessica was giving a talk that her mom attended. After the talk, Jessica's mom called her husband and said: "Jessica sailed towards the finish." What did she mean?
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Melissa was discussing a new sales manager, who was hired a couple of days ago: "She is a babe in the woods." What did Melissa mean?
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Ken was telling his friend about his shopping experience on Black Friday. Ken said: "The store that I went to was a jungle." What did Ken mean?
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Lidia was asked about the book that she just finished. Lidia responded: "This book was the longest novel I have ever read." What did Lidia mean?
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John told his fiancée: "You are the tomato sauce to my pasta." What did John mean?
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Ben was telling his friend about the fashion show that he attended. He said: "This model was the blue canary at the show." What did Ben mean?
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Abby and Kyle were walking along the promenade one night, and they saw a couple smiling at each other. Abby noted: "This sunset sings to the lovers." What did Abby mean?
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Alex and Jody were discussing a construction company that they hired to build their house. Alex said: "These construction workers are very strong people." What did Alex mean?
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Caitlyn was telling her husband about her new co-worker. Caitlyn said: "Sally is a block of ice." What did she mean?
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Jason and Kate were picking a restaurant to go to for their anniversary. Kate suggested to go a place called Ozone. She said: "There is a band that performs for the guests at this place." What did Kate mean?
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Prince William said to his kids: "The queen is our grandmother." What did William mean?
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The teacher told Sam: "You have too much on your plate." What did the teacher mean?
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Janet was telling her friend about the show that she saw last night. Janet said: "The dancers were butterflies." What did Janet mean?
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Mary said to her granddaughter: "The queen is our nation's aunt." What did Mary mean?
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At the party, Rita saw her former colleague Anne, who was very nicely dressed. Rita said to her husband: "Anne's jewels are rubies and diamonds." What did Rita mean?
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Alice asked her mom, who is a teacher at a local school, what she though about her new boyfriend. She replied: "This young man is a good student." What did she mean?
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Mike said to his expectant wife: "Our baby is a lovebird's egg." What did Mike mean?
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During a business meeting, the general manager of the company said to the financial manager: "The new accountant that you hired is a juggler." What did the general manager mean?
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Mary said to her husband: "Our kids are pieces of taffy." What did she mean?
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Jody and Mark were discussing their daughter's behavior. Mark said: "She is walking all over her brothers." What did Mark mean?
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Andrew and Bob were discussing the investment company where Andrew works. Bob said: "The investors are squirrels collecting nuts." What does Bob mean?
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Mark saw a lady at the party and said to his friend: "This lady's jewels are bursting stars." What did Mark mean?
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