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Task: Read passages in which characters perform certain actions and decide what these actions mean. Please answer each question as quickly as possible.

Before entering the CEO's office, Lisa gulped some air and sharply blew it out.
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During the negotiations, Bob's arms were folded on his chest and his head was down.
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John was listening to Fred's explanation of the accident and kept shaking his head.
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At the end of the negotiations, Peter put his hands up and left the room.
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Having listened to Tom's suggestions to invest all their savings into his friend's start-up, Fiona motioned her index finger in a circle pointing at her ear.
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It was Kate's first time riding a roller-coaster. While waiting in line to board the ride, she stood with her shoulders raised and her head pulled down between her shoulders.
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During the lecture, Lars was listening with his eyebrows pulled together.
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Jessica came to watch Ron's performance. At the end of the show, Ron saw Jessica showing her thumbs up.
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During the talk, Ken kept clicking his pen.
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With her head slightly tilted to the right, Annie was listening to Mark.
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Stroking his chin, Brian stared at the math problem.
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While listening to Steve's plentiful arguments, Mary kept rubbing her temples.
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George rolled his eyes when listening to Dan's explanation of why he was late to the meeting.
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Kelly kept rubbing her hands, while looking at the present that Nick was about to give her.
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Having read Mike's essay, the teacher patted him on the back.
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The child watching the puppet show was waving his arms around like a windmill.
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Mary looked at the new painting that her husband had painted and nodded.
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The lawyer entered the courtroom with her chin thrust up.
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Dan raised his eyebrows when he heard that the goods were not delivered timely.
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Luke exited the dentist's office wiping his forehead and smiling.
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Nick pointed at a donut in the display and gave his credit card to the cashier.
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Lucy's mother was standing in the doorway with her hands on her hips.
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When asked about his plans for summer, Kyle shrug his shoulders.
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Caitlyn's fists were clenched during the conversation.
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Mom kept her fingers crossed during Mike's soccer game.
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